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Polish- Swedish Center of Rehabilitation Equipment The Polish Swedish Center of Rehabilitation Equipment is one of the first institution in Poland functioning according to the rules of public-private partnership and has been supported and patronized by offices, foundations and institutions from Polish and Swedish side.

Euromedical Poland offers the following services:

Exposition, promotion and selling of the most modern rehabilitation and helping equipment Introducing the Swedish methods from the field of rehabilitation on Polish market Polish- Swedish cooperation on the level of exchange of knowledge and experience of both countries

Wide information and help for the disabled people within the range of usage of the equipment and the ways of acquiring the refundations Establishing contacts among institutions and non-governmental organizations, organizing study-visits, seminars, trainings and shows The help for Polish companies in widely understood promotion and establishing business contacts in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries The help for Swedish companies and companies from other countries in widely understood promotion and establishing business contacts in Poland Education of medical staff within the range of operating the rehabilitation equipment The staff of Euromedical Poland speaks Polish and English. We invite to cooperation the wholesale companies, shops, hospitals, medical and care institutions, non-governmental organizations from and outside Europe.


You can also make enquiries about polish market and reselling in Poland at Euromedical`s Swedish representative Iwona Preis, Preis Consulting AB, mobile phone +47 70 756 66 44





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